The Community Curbside

October 24, 2020 – January 6, 2021

This season at the Curbside Museum, we have a special exhibition on display, initiated through the Town of Canmore’s community art program. It includes nine individual micro-exhibits created by member of the community – friends and neighbours who all live quite close to here.

There was no set agenda or theme for the exhibition, which makes each display feel like a tiny glimpse into the personal world of its creator. It’s an opportunity to “see” people up close, especially at a time where that friendly intimacy and connection isn’t always possible.

So, stay awhile, lean in close, and take a peek to warm your soul.

* * * * * *

This exhibit was a collaborative effort, with neighbours sharing their support and encouragement, helping to source materials and frames, building the boxes, helping install the show, and of course, creating the exhibits. Thanks to them all, especially: Andy, Alicia, Arnold, Cheryl, Chris, Chrissy, Dan, David, Doug, Jane, Myla, Sam, Solomon, and Yuka.


Ski Stories

As told by a small selection of objects from my personal ski museum.
My early days started in the Laurentian’s, in 1955.
My mountain days started in Banff, in 1961 at Sunshine.
With various skis in the USA and Canada all along.
And my ski days continue, dancing for snow, always.



we are our memories
jane bateman

I find beauty in old things, generations of family
ephemera fills my home
a green mitten, gifts from birth, a baby’s blanket
these objects hold memories
speaking of my past.
So I save and assemble, create
and adorn with love
to hold on to
what remains.



Magic Garden
Alicia Lopez

I am 6 years old and hope you enjoy my Magic Garden.
I like doing art and had fun working on my science/art project- coffee-filter flowers and butterflies, and painting my garden ‘gate’. My cousin Vianca helped me paint the sky.




My Past Is the Route of my Future
Arnold Nickerson Kaech

My box’s theme is about me growing up to be a DJ.  I started playing music when I was young, 4, years old. Andi Lonon gave me my first violin. That night we did our first practice! I have had many different teachers, and many different violins. My teachers were all really nice. My first teacher moved back to Eastern Europe, and then my second teacher went away, and now I am with Miss Chelsea. Chelsea was the first person to teach me fiddle instead of classical violin.

I really like listening to techno music. It is really neat what other people make with loop peddles, tri-corders, keyboards, mixers and synthesizers. DaftPunk and System of the Down were two bands that I first started to like on my own. Now I like Skism and Knife Party. Knife Party started out as a secondary project, and look at them now! Armin Van Burren is my inspiration now. I would like to start making my own techno music.



Wool Creatures
Myla Corey

In this box you see all my felted creations. I love needle felting very much, especially making animals. I feel like each animal I make has its own personality and character. The first time I tried needle felting was with my friend Lucy. We just found the stuff in the art drawer and thought why not give it a try.




A Starry Night in Canmore
Sam Griffiths

What happens when we are fast asleep on those special starry nights? This whimsical view of Canmore shows our local wildlife taking over the town and the Big Head coming to life.

(needle felted from hand-dyed local wool)





Cloud of Thoughts
Yuka Ozawa (Happy resident of Pinewood Cres in Canmore)

Clouds of thoughts often come to my mind when I’m making and being creative. It surprises me. I’m always happy with the outcome, without planning ahead and thinking too much of what it should be.





Sticks with Holes
Myla Corey

This box is full sticks with holes. I have been collecting them for four years now, and I’m up to 259. I ’m not even sure why I started collecting them, I just think they are so neat and I love seeing the differences in all of them. I hope you enjoy.





Lego Man Happiness
Solomon Nickerson Kaech

I have lots of measuring tape in my box. I broke this tape measure. I got in trouble so I decided to use it in my box. I have a snake on the wall too and a grey and red poker chip. I have a tiny dump truck with lego people. And I do have a tiny ceramic man tied to the top of ceiling. He isn’t strangled because he is not a real man.

I have some cut out pictures in the background for decoration. I have a fishing hook in there that is dangling down. I have a tiny fish, and a plane that is dangling too. If a flying fish comes along I just might catch it!

I want the person who looks at my box to think that I am a good lego builder. I want you to know that I have a creative mind. With my tiny Y-Wing Fighter I like to take off the propelling system to play missiles.   If any evil came along, I could shoot it with my bullets.

This box reflects me when I am happy.  This box shows you my hard-work. When I look at this box I can see it and it makes me happy.

I am Solomon and I am 8 years old. I live here. I wanted to build a box with the Curbside Museum because it is at my bus stop. I like to look at the box at my bus stop. They are big and I sometimes wonder if I could fit inside one of their boxes.