The LIWS in 2021

The Larch Island Walkers Society (LIWS) was an informal group formed in the 1920’s to protect and preserve Larch Island, a small trail system located by the Bow River in Canmore, Alberta. The focus of the LIWS was to map the ever-changing nature of Larch Island, and to share the unusual story of how it was formed (or, at least, how it was presumed to be formed).

Although the Larch Island Walkers Society disbanded in 1965, there has been recent talk about reinstating its mandate, and continuing the work of mapping Larch Island.

If you’re interested in seeing the re-establishment of the LIWS and would like to volunteer with new mapping initiatives, get in touch using the “contact” page. We’ll put you on our e-mail list, and keep you informed of future LIWS activities.