Packing for a Trip

March 05 – June 2021

My grandmother’s first trip overseas was in 1911, when she boarded a ship to England to do a semester of school at Oxford. Years later, she would travel overseas again, to visit Greece.

One year, she and my grandfather packed their car and drove to Mexico. As a child, I remember seeing pictures of her travels and hearing snippets of her adventures in far off places.

Along with her valise and a map of Mexico, all I have left are her stories, which help to fuel my own dreams of the future when I, too, can continue to explore the world and create memories and stories of my own.

– Jane Bateman, Guest Curator


Jane Bateman is an artist who studied fine art at the University of Guelph. She has lived in the Bow Valley since 1995 and enjoyed 18 years of assisting the artists in residence at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. In recent years, the studio her husband built for her has been more of a storage space for her growing collection of miscellany and ephemera that fuels her to think about art. After a rather lengthy hiatus from creating she is slowly finding her way back to an art practice, experimenting with different mediums including collage, painting and drawing.