The Evil Eye

June 8 – September 12, 2018

The “malocchio” – more commonly known as the evil eye – is one of the oldest and most widespread beliefs/superstitions in the world. It is especially prevalent in the Middle East, Southern Europe (around the Mediterranean), Northern Africa, and Latin America.

The evil eye is based on the idea that a simple glance, rooted in envy, can (unknowingly) cause ill or misfortune to others.  The curse of the evil eye can be mild, causing headaches, extreme tiredness or grogginess, but also more serious, potentially leading to death.

To ward off the evil eye, different cultures use various amulets and rituals for protection, a few of which are on display here.

The subtleties of the evil eye vary, and what is believed in one region does not necessarily translate to another. Because of this, understanding the nuances of the evil eye is so fascinating, but also challenging to fully grasp.

Although the evil eye may seem silly to our 21st century sensibilities, it is embedded so deeply in some cultures that it really is hard to dismiss entirely.

Non è vero…ma ci credo” (it’s not real, but I believe.)