Twelve Gifts of Christmases Past

December 1, 2017 – January 7, 2018

This exhibit pays tribute to our good intentions and well-meaning gestures, and to the presents (both good and bad) we’ve all surely given and received throughout the years.

Some gifts are intended as one-off “gags” with a short life span, while others are well received and lovingly worn out from constant use.  And some miss the mark entirely, re-gifted or forever relegated to the back corner of the bottom shelf.

One way or another, whether loved or unloved, they all end up here – in the advent calendar of discarded gifts.  Here, both joy and disappointment are on display, but you’re never quite sure which is which.

Every few days this month a new door will open, as a fun reminder of the gifts both given and received in Christmases past.  As you reminisce, just remember what your mother always told you – it’s the thought that counts.